41st Issue of New Space
There’s a career that connect tens of thousands of households and shortens the distance between people. There’s a career that makes intercity transport possible. There’s a career that is far-sighted and targets for future development…
Since its establishment in 2008, the Rail Transit Business Department has been in existence for six years. This issue of New Space will focus on the development of the Rail Transit Business Unit. Here, members from the rail transit team will talk about their passion for rail transit, business changes, past achievements and glorious dreams.
42nd Issue of New Space
Autumn is gone, and winter is again here. Winter is a season for energy accumulation. Just as the project manager of the Golden Fir Tree said, “For an awards ceremony, gorgeous garment and red carpets are just evanescent and will soon be forgotten. What we need to think about is how to add endless innovative ideas and highlights into the planning of the whole event.” After four years’ development, we expect the Golden Fir Tree to be of reticent dignity and stunning splendor at the twentieth birthday of CCDI. Confucius teaches us to “gain new insights through review”. Looking back on the past three years, CCDI’s annual Golden Fir Tree Awards Ceremony has gradually grown to be of great influence.