BIM Consulting

Consulting for the entire life cycle of buildings
About BIM Consulting
CCDI-BIM (Building Information Modeling) Consulting provides property developers with digital construction and operation consultation services throughout a project’s life cycle.
Value Proposition
Through application of BIM-data-powered digital technologies of engineering construction and building operation,
we efficiently improve design collaboration effects, minimize design changes, and shorten construction duration during the project development phase while helping increase management efficiency
of project operation and maintenance, reduce operation and maintenance costs and enhance energy efficiency.
  • Our Strengths
    Our Strengths

    10 years of experience in applying digital technologies of engineering construction and building operation
    Involved in more than 200 projects
    Hundreds of experts providing point-to-point professional BIM technical services
    Total service area of 40 million square meters
    Strategic partner include Autodesk, Bentley, and Graphisoft

  • Service Contents
    Service Contents

    Digitalized Engineering Consultation and Management Services
    We focus on the project construction phase to provide BIM data creation and maintenance, enable design coordination and optimization, analysis and simulation of construction attributes as well as digitalized engineering consultation and management services based on BIM data.
    Digitized Operation Consultation and Management Services
    We are dedicated to the project operation management phase to provide the creation, integration and maintenance of all sorts of construction information and data including BIM data as well as analysis of such information and data and operation and management consultation services.

Representative Projects
We have rich experience in a great number of projects, which is then widely applied in different areas of construction,
particularly in skyscrapers, complexes, business office buildings, high-end hotels, transportation facilities and entertainment venues. Therefore,
we have years of experience and profound understanding of the industry.