Leading Change through Creativity
About Residential
Demands for better life experience constitute the driving force for constant innovation in residential design.
All residential building designs are based on the consideration of some fundamental issue, including how to make the best possible efforts
to achieve breakthroughs in living quality despite current social and technological constraints,
and how to accurately identify root causes and provide specific solutions instead of simply creating a comfortable
and novel space for people to use. Every successful residential design is a precise solution addressing specific environmental conditions
and specific needs. This is the design responsibility that CCDI is committed to in the field of residential architecture
and is the ideal that we adhere to during design.

CCDI’s residential business highlights care for human beings and is dedicated to creating warm,
safe and comfortable living places for property owners.
Along with China’s urbanization, CCDI has been on the path of technological services for 20 years. Now one of China’s largest residential building designers,
it has won architectural awards such as Global Architectural Design Award on Human Settlements and Tien-Yow Jeme Civil Engineering Prize.
In the future, CCDI will continue to exploit its strengths in well-developed product lines in the residential field, such as large-scale communities,
super-high-rise residential buildings, luxury mansions, urban redevelopment and affordable housing.
Value Proposition
Providing solutions through in-depth understanding of our client’s needs.
  • Our Advantage
    Our Advantage

    Our Belief:
    Professional – Quality of service quality is our core competitiveness;
    Integrated – Integrated solutions which can be easily extended to provide other services;
    Global – Advanced risk management and resource integration capabilities
    Professional Capability
    Rich experience in project execution; market-leading technical expertise; teams with a global perspectives; excellent quality control and R&D capabilities
    One of China’s largest integrated design consultancies; leader in the residential market; providing design consultancy for hundreds of urban development agencies; strategic partner with most up-market developers

  • Services

    A full suite of product design services. With expertise in development advisory, architectural design, construction management and engineering advisory, we provide a suite of full-process services ranging from planning, architectural design, interior design, landscape design, electrical and mechanical structure, intelligent design, quota design, green energy efficiency, BIM, collaborative design, property management, and infrastructure design.
    Types of projects covered in our services include:
    Large-scale communities. In additional to typical business-oriented urban complexes, an increasing number of residential communities start to incorporate functions such as commerce, culture, offices and hotels.
    Commercial residential buildings such as super-high-rise residential buildings, villas/garden houses, which add diversity to product forms and help to shape community character to meet different residential needs of different owners.
    Urban redevelopment, sustainable urbanization and industrial upgrading of cities and towns based on geological and cultural characteristics.

Representative Projects
CCDI has accumulated rich project experience after more than a decade in the residential market,
especially in large-scale communities, super-high-rise residential buildings, villas/ garden houses, urban redevelopment, affordable housing, tourism,
and senior housing. We enjoy the unique advantages in solving complicated issues, cooperating with international and local teams and facilitating collaboration.