Professional and detail-orientated
About R.O.C.H.
Dedicated to providing integrated services for urban public facilities, ROCH incorporates multiple professional services for all types of urban public facilities.
After 20 years of development ROCH has accumulated competitive resources and developed a strong brand. Our business is robust and steadily increasing.
Value Proposition-Professional and detail-orientated
Providing specialized services and to accumulate powerful resources through project execution;
Paying attention to details, ROCH provides meticulous services to win recognition in the market.
  • Our Advantage
    Our Advantage

    The CCDI R.O.C.H. (Retail, Office, Cultural & Hotel) Unit is composed of outstanding professionals. Based on our local experience and international background and backed by many years of work in the industry and our management system, we are always market- and client-oriented and committed to providing integrated professional services of high added value for clients’ projects with broad perspectives, professionalism, dedication, collaboration and good expertise.
    Professional spirit; professional attitude; business focus; experience
    Exceptional Services
    Expert support; diversified choices; high-end capabilities; localized services
    Resources sharing; system-based platforms; knowledge sharing; flexibility and efficiency
    Global vision; open mindset; international network; cross-discipline talents

  • Services

    The R.O.C.H. business is intended to provide integrated professional services for urban R.O.C.H. construction and development. It incorporates basic and extended services in multiple areas of urban public facilities and aim to provide clients with professional value throughout project processes ranging from planning and consulting to design and management.

Representative Projects
R.O.C.H. has delivered many large-scale complex projects. We have demonstrated knowledge and competence in project management,
design, collaboration between international and local teams and resolving complicated engineering problems.