Tech Park

About Tech Park
Tech Park targets industries, industrial park developers and operators by providing specialized service throughout industrial parks development, such as consultation, planning, and design.
Industrial Park is intended for buildings of research, production or service technological and industrial development, integration and optimization.
Our scope of business covers buildings on industrial land outside development zones and industrial parks of different levels, buildings used for purposes of research, development and experimentation that are outside development zones and industrial parks of different levels as well as large-sized amenities within development zones of different levels. High-tech and industrial parks are targeted for a large number of fields such as industrial real estate, data rooms, production zones and comprehensive bonded zones.
Our clients are from many different industries, such as electronic communications, finance and insurance, government-sponsored platforms, IT, biological medicine, energy transportation, real estate and food processing.
Value Proposition
We focus on full-chain consultation and professional services for projects of industrial parks by providing precise industrial planning, globalized space planning and construction design and realistic investment attraction and operation advice.
We help our clients create high-quality parks and zones, enhance space utilization efficiency of parks and zones, and maximize commercial value of space of parks and zones.
  • Service Contents
    Service Contents

    Design services:
    ● Consultation services: Integrated life-cycle consultation from project initiation through financing and operation. ● Pre-design project evaluation.
    ● Industrial planning
    ● Schematic design
    ● Detailed control process design

  • Service Contents
    Service Contents

    ● Project design guidelines
    ● Original architectural design: Full-process construction design, construction scheme design, structure plan design, interior plan design, landscape plan design, cooperative lighting design
    ● Construction cooperation design: Cooperation during construction, structure, M&E, interior, and landscape design phases as well as design during the implementation phase
    ● Design cooperation services during investment and rental phases
    ● Quota design consultation
    ● Digitalized BIM engineering consultation: Integrated solutions, construction support and operation and maintenance management services
    ● Sustainability design