Baidu Cloud Computing (Yangquan) Centre

The project is at an advanced level both in China and in Asia in terms of machine room scale, computing power and green energy saving. Its creative park organization pattern has perfectly combined park image and machine room process, maximally optimized the operation and maintenance efficiency of the data centre, and effectively satisfied all the aesthetic and functional imaginations of the Owner.

Project Location:

Yangquan, Shanxi Province

Building Area:


Building Height:







With the increase of both the penetration rate of search business and the occupancy rate of Baidu, Baidu’s demand for computing and storage capacities is becoming increasingly huge. For the purposes of meeting the demand of its rapid business development and supporting the business transactions among the members of “Cloud Computing Industry Appliance”, it has begun to prepare to build its cloud computing centre in Yangquan Economic &Technological Development Zone, the main functions of which cover data room, integrated office building, equipment warehousing and supporting service area for staff.
Upholding the tenet of “safety, greenness, efficiency and extendibility”, our design has embodied Baidu’s cultural essence of “simple and reliable”, employed direct and effective design strategies to transform site restraints into design highlights, and fully explored site partition and architectural enclosure to create a multi-level security system and a landmark spatial pattern.

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