One-stop service for transportation engineering
About Transportation
CCDI Transportation Team researches key components including rail transportation planning, design, construction,
operation and management. Its scope of business ranges from planning consultation in the pre-design stage to integrated planning and design of areas along rail lines and vicinity,
from station design to regional transport hub and complex design,
from investment and financing consultation to the full process of rail engineering consultation
that include rail transportation planning, design, construction, operation and management.
Our aim is to provide our clients with systematic, professional and optimal design and consultation services.
Value Proposition
We focus on seamless connection of transportation modes, which also highlights how railway helps to reshape and integrate urban areas;
We provide cities along railway lines with customized regional development solutions to improve land value;
We provide customized financing plans and one-stop service for solving issues arising from project initiation to operation.
  • Our Strengths
    Our Strengths

    We pioneered the “integrated and full life-cycle” turn-key service model for rail transport design. We provide cross-disciplinary consultation and design services by incorporating planning consultation, design, project development and construction management.
    We are dedicated to fast, convenient, safe and high-quality rail transportation designs to create human-oriented transportation facilities while enabling clients enjoy participation throughout design processes. We highlight communication and exchange as well as respect and cooperation to achieve win-win results for both designers and clients.
    Our professional team can provide premium services that flexibly align our strengths and advantages with different client needs and optimize processes to adapt to different owner and social needs.

  • Service Contents
    Service Contents

    Our service scope cover an entire project cycle ranging from project planning consultation to project operation and management, and detailed services include land development consultation, business planning, investment and financing consultation, planning consultation, construction design, transportation engineering design, urban transport design, and engineering price consultation and so on. Our aim is to provide clients with integrated and systematic services.
    Our services can be further divided into four categories, including integrated development consultation for regions along railway lines, transportation buildings, integrated hubs for rail transit, and complex buildings for stations.

Our Representative Projects
We have extensive experience in delivering outstanding rail transportation projects.
We use low-carbon eco-friendly technologies, design energy-efficient facilities, and design efficient transport areas to create value for clients while providing the general public with excellent services.