Industrial and Spatial Planning of Nanfaxin Station of Beijing Metro Line 15

Relying on the developmental planning of the airport economic zone, the project focuses on creating an industrial economy area meeting the developmental demands of the city.

Project Location:


Building Area:

Industrial layout 5,220,000㎡; urban design 2,010,000㎡


Beijing Shunyi Municipal Commission of Urban Planning


The project is located in the most mature development cluster in Shunyi, the intersection between old downtown and new airport town, and is closely adjacent to the airport bonded zone. Relying on the high-end logistics feature of the airport, it aims to create a high-end retail & wholesale exhibition centre, covering high-end clothes, jewellery release & display, medical device exhibition & sales, and retail & wholesale of marine products and other featured products, and to integrate multiple urban functions, including business & office, comprehensive shopping, entertainment, catering, etc.
The project has oriented the future development functions of Nanfaxin Station as innovative town, cultural town and ecological town.
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