48th Issue of New Space
2014 marks the 20th birthday of CCDI. At a new start of growth and against the economic background of sharing and interconnection, CCDI invites a group of people to use the original idea of “i20” to present a unique gift to commemorate its anniversary. It is not just a commemorative gift; it is also a 20th birthday gift for more people. Through twenty years of hard work against all odds, CCDI has been developing its value in the fierce market competition and performing its social responsibilities. On the special occasion of its 20th birthday, CCDI chooses a way of more universal value, higher creativity and greater vitality to create i20 not only for itself but also for celebrating the 20th birthday with more people.
46th Issue of New Space
For CCDI, this year’s Golden Fir Tree is undoubtedly of some “special” significance.
First, it was held on a special occasion, as 2014 marks the 20th founding anniversary of CCDI. On November 28th, 2014, the fourth CCDI Golden Fir Tree Awards Ceremony was unveiled in Beijing. As CCDI is also celebrating its 20th founding anniversary, the Golden Fir Tree Awards Ceremony can also be called the grand event marking CCDI’s coming of age at 20. Over the past years, CCDI worked against all odds and made every possible effort to achieve what it is now. This is an important year in CCDI’s development history. Now, as CCDI reaches its 20th birthday, the Golden Fir Tree Awards Ceremony has also been four years old. Through accumulation and refinement, the Golden Fir Tree is no longer green and callow; instead, it’s getting mature and more sophisticated now.
45th Issue of New Space
With the development of the industry and the intensification of the competition, our client structure, demands and relationships are experiencing profound changes. We no longer have a simple relationship of Party A and Party B with our clients; instead, clients and we comprise a multi-dimensional and multi-layered community of shared interests.
44th Issue of New Space
The sentence that says “Planning the Forest and Letting the Trees Grow Freely” captures CCDI’s platform-based development concept. On the one hand, the company assumes the critical responsibility to create a suitable ecosystem for its tree species and provide them with opportunities for interaction and exchanges and room for further growth. On the other hand, how do the resource teams, as “trees” in the luxuriant forest, grow sturdily, flower and bear fruits? This issue of New Space will focus on a sturdy tree in the big forest planned by CCDI, “Beijing Division of the Public Building Business Unit”, to interpret the resource team’s management concepts, culture and practices.
42nd Issue of New Space
Autumn is gone, and winter is again here. Winter is a season for energy accumulation. Just as the project manager of the Golden Fir Tree said, “For an awards ceremony, gorgeous garment and red carpets are just evanescent and will soon be forgotten. What we need to think about is how to add endless innovative ideas and highlights into the planning of the whole event.” After four years’ development, we expect the Golden Fir Tree to be of reticent dignity and stunning splendor at the twentieth birthday of CCDI. Confucius teaches us to “gain new insights through review”. Looking back on the past three years, CCDI’s annual Golden Fir Tree Awards Ceremony has gradually grown to be of great influence.
41st Issue of New Space
There’s a career that connect tens of thousands of households and shortens the distance between people. There’s a career that makes intercity transport possible. There’s a career that is far-sighted and targets for future development…
Since its establishment in 2008, the Rail Transit Business Department has been in existence for six years. This issue of New Space will focus on the development of the Rail Transit Business Unit. Here, members from the rail transit team will talk about their passion for rail transit, business changes, past achievements and glorious dreams.