Urban Complex

About Urban Complex
Urban Complex is a type of commercial real estate that is purely commercial or features major commercial functions in combination with another type of function.
It can also be integrated commercial real estate combining three or more out of urban functions such as commerce, business, hospitality, residence, exhibition, catering, conferences, entertainment, theme business, and transportation. It can also be a single-purpose complex, a business-oriented complex, a commerce-oriented complex, a lifestyle-oriented complex, or a group of complexes.
Urban Complex highlights the overall driving force of commerce, and it focuses on how catering, exhibition, entertainment, transport and theme-based buildings can help drive the economy and vitality of a city. Its aim is to establish a mutually-dependent and mutually-beneficial relationship between different functional forms, enhance life quality of urban citizens and develop multi-functional and highly-efficient architectural complexes in cities.
With years of experience in design and consultation we provide our clients with efficient and integrated solutions.
Value Proposition
Using our strengths in coordination and integration, to design integrated platforms for commercial real estate, enhance added value for investment attraction and operation, and create vigorous urban space with integrated functions, balanced forms of business and long-term profitability.
  • Service Contents
    Service Contents

    1. Design and Consultation Introduction:
    Introduction, recommendation and negotiation of overseas high-performing design resources
    Recommendation of overseas and local consultancies
    2. Transportation Design, Commercial Atmosphere, Lighting Design, Etc.
    3. Design Management:
    Project management throughout an entire design process;
    Schedule management, quality control and consultation team management
    Project management consultation for owners

  • Service Contents
    Service Contents

    4. Design Service
    Consultation services: Design and technology consultation services, construction upgrading and transformation
    Schematic design and proposals for access to land
    Development project design and guidance
    Original architectural design
    5. Full-process construction design, construction scheme design, structure plan design, interior plan design, landscape plan design, cooperative lighting design
    Construction cooperation design
    6. Cooperation during construction, structure, M&E, interior, and landscape design phases as well as design during the implementation phase
    Design package service