Nantong Harmony City

The project is located in Chongchuan District of Nantong, at the intersection of new and old downtowns.

Project Location:

Nantong, Jiangsu Province

Building Area:

375,152 ㎡

Building Height:



Harmony Group


Oriented as blending riverside landscape and tasting urban life, the project is an urban complex integrating shopping centre, boutique stores, business office buildings, serviced apartments and residences and enjoying exquisite urban landscape. Derived from the eternal beauty of “diamonds”, the design concept employs the sense of dignity refracted by “diamonds” under different light ray conditions to embody the landmark value and high-end taste of Harmony City in Nantong. The design technique of adopting the “triangular” tangent plane of “diamonds” as its motif is incarnated in every corner of this building, and produces lots of design highlights. The flowing form also softens the sense of rigidity of diamonds themselves. The transparent or hollowed-out details either fuse with the building or interact with the landscape, presenting a graceful, dynamic and dancing-like appearance.
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