Hotel MEP

About Hotel MEP
CCDI Hotel MEP Consultancy has an MEP team of 600 professionals. We help hotel owners and developers to improve performance, reliability, safety, efficiency and maintenance of MEP systems. Our service capabilities are recognized by owners and hotel management companies such as Hilton, Starwood, Grand Hyatt, Marriott, InterContinental, and Wanda. We have become one of China’s leading MEP engineering consulting firms.
Value Proposition
Comprehensive: Customized comprehensive technical solutions for each project
Economical: Minimize investment and operation costs while ensuring good user experience and comfort
Durable: Increase life-cycle asset value by advanced technologies
  • Service Contents
    Service Contents

    Comprehensive MEP Consulting Services:
    Our services cover all the phases of a project, including:
    ● Start-up: Communicate with the owner and gather information required for the project
    ● Schematic design: Cooperate with the owner to optimize the M&E design standards; cooperate with the owner, the architect, and the structure designer to identify the best M&E solutions through comparative analysis; conduct preliminary calculation of the load capacities of M&E systems, and complete economic and technical analysis
    ● Design Document: review and conduct detailed calculation of system loads; identify the computer room location and size; complete preliminary design drawings and cost estimation
    ● Construction Document: Develop construction drawing design standards and related technical specifications; assist the owner in auditing and controlling the quality of construction drawings provided by the design institute, and provide review comments
    ● In-depth design: Cooperate with the interior designer to further refine M&E design drawings and ensure coordination between different systems and processes
    ● Tender: Provide technical specifications and standards for bidding documents; cooperate with the owner to review brand quality and assist in bid evaluation
    ● Construction Administration: Assist the owner and the M&E contractor in solving design-related issues at the construction site; assisting the M&E contractor in developing construction drawings and comprehensive pipeline diagrams; assist the owner in reviewing and approving M&E equipment/materials as well as construction drawings; conduct site inspections and attend field meetings on a regular basis
    ● Inspection: Assist the owner and the M&E contractor in M&E system commissioning, inspection and acceptance; review as-built drawings and maintenance manuals; help with the final settlement for the project
    ● Operation and maintenance: Assist the owner in system debugging; solve any problems arising from operation and maintenance

  • Specialized MEP consulting services
    Specialized MEP consulting services

    ● Digital modeling
    ● Intelligent building
    ● Green building design and consulting
    ● Lighting design and consulting (facade, landscape, interior)
    ●Combined Cooling, Heating and Power (CCHP) for regional energy