Suzhou Logistics Centre Service Zone Office Building

As a one-stop service office building and the first green three-star office building seated in Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP), SIP Comprehensive Bonded Zone consists of office buildings, exhibition halls, business restaurants, garages, activity rooms, small-sized shops and many other multi-functional office facilities.

Project Location:

Suzhou Industrial Park

Building Area:



CCDI provides design general contracting and whole-process electromechanical consultation & design services, and its total energy consumption is lower than 80% of the national energy-saving standard.
Main technologies adopted:
Thermodynamic engineering performance optimization of enclosure structures;
Adjustable external sun-shading devices;
Recovery and utilization of rainwater and reclaimed water;
Adoption of ice storage as air-conditioning cold source, and use of water thermal storage as air-conditioning heat source, with investment payoff period of 4.8 years and annually-saved operating cost of 480,000 RMB.
Adoption of the total heat recovery technology for all fresh air volumes;
Intelligent monitoring and unit linkage technology;
Control of fresh air and exhaust volumes based on indoor CO2 concentration;
Adoption of variable air volume (VAV) air-conditioning system in the office area;
Use of underfloor air distribution system;
Control of the start/stop of garage exhaust based on CO concentration;
Use of high-efficiency water pumps and fans.
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