Metro Complex

Seamlessly connecting transportation and urban land development
About Metro Complex
Metro Complex refer to complexes with access to urban rail stations, parking, and local metro systems.
Its main purpose is to improve transport functions and facilitate development through TID (transport integrated development).
We integrate architectural design with project investment/ operation to provide full life-cycle, cross-disciplinary services.
Value Proposition
Seamlessly linking integrated transport hub;
Full utilization of commercial value generated from passenger flows (TID);
Alignment with urban functions and interaction with surroundings;
Seamless connection with railway projects and implementation;
BIM-based turnkey design;
  • Our Strengths
    Our Strengths

    Integrated Services
    CCDI has the business of integrated rail transport real estate development consultation. Based on this business, we can provide clients with full-process services ranging from capital to land and then from land to capital gains. Backed by CCDI’s all-disciplinary capabilities, we have the competence and advantage to provide integrated services.
    We focus on the integration of our capabilities in strategy development, planning, architecture and engineering, which differentiates us from specialized planning firms, planning and design firms, as well as engineering consultation and design firms. With our strength in differentiation, we have become the leading “planning and design firm” among engineering consultation firms and the leading “engineering consultation firm” among planning and design firms.
    Industrial Leadership
    Each year we organize the International Forum on Integrated Rail Transport Real Estate Development. This forum established a technical exchange platform for China’s integrated rail transport real estate development.

  • Service Contents
    Service Contents

    Integrated planning and design for rail yards and stations
    Design for integrated development of transfer junctions of rail transport and comprehensive utilization of underground space;
    Integrated design for rail engineering, station construction, and roads;
    Architectural design for real estate properties above stations (including general layout, complex construction, landscape design);
    Civil air defense, fire control, environmental control and other technical measures;
    For some projects, schematic design such as economic planning, investment and financing planning, construction land planning, benefit evaluation, scheduled construction needs to be added;

Our Representative Projects
CCDI Urban Railway Station Complex has rich project experience in addressing issues such as different implementation stages of rail transport
and real estate development, forms of investment, division of property rights, risk control and operation management.