Cover Estate of Qingdao Eastern Bus Terminal Station Metro Depot

Project Location:

Qingdao, Shandong Province

Building Area:



Qingdao Metro Co., Ltd.


Development along the metro line has always been a hotly contested spot for merchants, however, we are also fully aware of the fact that, except natural blocks, currently there are only a few such development cases in domestic that have achieved ultimate success. Grasping the opportunities created by transfer stations, we have carefully estimated the commercial and residential resources around the metro station, and linked them up into community businesses covering the entire area. The design of this project takes metro station not only as the entrance of pedestrian flows, but also the exit for flow arrangement. Combined with buses, footpaths, cars and parking lot, it has created a clustering effect in the residential community as a whole. It also provides pedestrian flow support for the late-stage operation of the metro line.
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