Transit Hub

About Transit Hub
Scope of Business: Comprehensive transit hub design for railway stations and integrated urban metro systems and integrated development around stations. Design of new towns around high-speed rails, transportation planning, industrial planning and development planning. Integrated Transit Hub Design covers a wide range of disciplinaries, such as urban planning, consultation, architecture, transportation, structure, MEP, civil, interior, signage, landscaping, facade, advertisement, and commercial.
Value Proposition
Design Integration - One-stop, multi-disciplinary solutions for the complicated issue of transit hub design. Efficiency and cost reduction – Integration of real estate development and transit facilities improves project financial feasibility. Integration of structural and MEP engineering design reduce project costs. Customized services – Provision of development consultation services that adapt to different investment and financing models in accordance with needs of different owners to access capital.
  • Service Contents
    Service Contents

    ● Urban design
    ● Transportation design
    ● Architecture/ engineering design
    ● Landscape design
    ● Signage design