Cover estate of Jincheng Road Station of Wuxi Metro Line 1

Wuxi Rail Transit Control Centre and Supporting Facility Project is located in the centre of the junction between new and old downtowns, and, specifically, in the northwest plot at the intersection of Jincheng Road and Qingyang Road.

Project Location:

Wuxi,Jiangsu Province

Building Area:



Office of Wuxi Rail Transit Planning and Construction Leading Group ( headquarters )


China Railway Siyuan Survey and Design Group Co., Ltd.


Comprehensively taking into account the large-scale development of surrounding communities, the existing pedestrian flows of the hospital nearby and the external population attracted by metro development, the project has adopted transportation interchange design for the underground space of the metro station and the annexes of the towers, created the multi-first floor commercial pattern both underground and aboveground, developed a total rentable/sellable area of over 20,000m2 for the Owner, and erected a new-type metro building image for Wuxi.
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