Cover estate of Zhuzilin Depot of Shenzhen Metro

Zhuzilin Depot is located on the south side of Shennan Boulevard and the east side of East OCT Road, and is approximately a rectangular area.

Project Location:

Shenzhen, Guangdong Province

Building Area:



Shenzhen Metro Group Co., Ltd.


The design has inherited the important urban texture characteristic of “City in a Garden” of Overseas Chinese Town, and, besides avoiding a relatively large massing for monomer buildings, efforts are also made to endow them with high landscape quality and extremely strong sense of rhythm. The depot integrates operating, scheduling, maintenance, repair, power transformation, garage and many other functions, and, to be specific, the plane of the integrated operation building is approximately a triangle cut into three segments, which are linked up again by two glass bridges. The entrance hall of each one is like a glass box inserted into a light yellow arc-shaped marble wall, and the form of the building cluster is both concise and elegant.
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