Shenzhen City Crossing Complex

Based on the phase 1 project, it has added Grand Hyatt (a hotel affiliated to the international hotel management group Hyatt) and three 49-story high Luxury Homes in downtown (“Park Lane Manor”).

Project Location:

Shenzhen, Guangdong Province

Building Area:

303,349.6m² (hotel area: 91,000m²; residential area: 102,000m²)

Building Height:

193m/40 stories

Plot Ratio:


Total Households:

Number of households: 750


Huarun (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.





Product Category:

Public building, urban complex, hotel business, residential building and hotel M&E

Specialty Involved:

Building, structure and M&E
Located in downtown Shenzhen, Shenzhen City Crossing Complex Phase 2 boasts a total building area of 300,000m2 and a floor area ratio of 4.5, and is planned to be designed into an internationally competitive urban complex, integrating leisure, shopping, culture, entertainment, food specialties, five-star hotel, high-grade residence and other functions. In the project, Grand Hyatt is a 38-story super high-rise building built on the east side of the base and at the intersection between the base and the bar street; it has a main building height of 193m (stories 4-23 used as hotel rooms; stories 25-29 used as service apartments; stories 1-3 used as the hotel’s supporting facilities), and is built with all kinds of facilities like transitional lobby, banquet hall, food specialties, high fashion, meeting rooms, SPA, gym and swimming pool.

Planning and design

Planning and design:
• The entire project consists of one super high-rise hotel (193m), four commercial buildings (not more than 24m) and three super high-rise residential buildings (162m), and its main functions cover hotel, commerce, retail, dining, multi-screen cinema, residence, etc.
• Shenzhen City Crossing Complex Phase 2 can perfectly combine with phase 1 “MIXC”, as the commercial area in phase 2 can masterly and exactly supplement the phase 1 project through taking into consideration the concept of “urban holiday resort” in the layout design of the hotel.

Design concept

Design concept:
The architectural creation elements of the project include:
• Portal: The intersection between Jiabin Road and South Bao’an Road is the portal of the project, which conveniently leads the pedestrian flows of the city deep into the core of the entire project; the connecting channel crossing Jiabin Road also links up the two phases of the project.
• Pedestrian street: The vigorous commercial zone and two busy winding streets, as well as the restaurants and high fashion stores, link up the south of the project.
• Square: The central square at the center of the project, where people gather for all kinds of activities, is like the core of the city, and is built with fountain, restaurants and entertainment facilities.
• Garden: A series of step-type gardens with waterscape highlight the importance of details.

Architectural design

Architectural design:
• The outer facade of the residence adopts two-story horizontal segmentation and vertical concise geometric grid with smooth lines and clear-cut angles, embodying a high-quality residential atmosphere and tallying with the hotel molding.
• The outer facade of the hotel adopts an arc-shaped design embracing the base and the open space; the tower extends upward into the sky, and descends in stepwise manner towards the north end, integrating with the podium; the facade is designed to be delicate, concise and elegant through treatment with advanced, unique and novel architectural techniques; the best mountain views of the mountains in Hong Kong and the natural scenery of the wetland reserve have also been taken into consideration in the design.
• The guest lane of the underground parking space is set on the west side of the hotel’s main entrance; the underground cargo channel for commerce is shared along Jiabin Road.
• The aerial lobby of the hotel is seated on the 33th floor, and accessible by four direct express elevators; its design elevates the distinguished enjoyment created by the hotel.

Structural design

Structural design:
• The hotel adopts a multi-tube structure consisting of rectangular concrete-filled steel-tubular columns, steel frames and steel outriggers.
• The structure has an aspect ratio of 193/21.920=8.8, and adopts an eccentrically-oriented collocation of tubes; the lower tubes are laid out on the left side of the structure, while the upper tubes are laid out on the right side of the structure.
• To maximize the effect of the entire structural system, a multi-span connection framework is adopted in the vertical direction, and rigid connection is adopted for both framed girders and cores.
• 32M equipment layer is equipped with steel outriggers to further bring into play the lateral force resistance of the framework.
• Above the structural floor 32, architectural functions require that an aerial lobby be created as required in the upper part of the structure and that the core in the middle and the row of frame columns in the center be removed to create a spacious architectural effect; hanging columns, cable-stayed columns and other structural measures are introduced to realize the effect on the top of the building.
• “Park Lane Manor” adopts reinforced concrete shear wall structure, and the vertical structural member shear wall is erected around the building to maximize the efficiency of structural members.

M&E design

M&E design:
• Rational design of M&E system and capacity, and efficient and energy-saving service
• Maximum consideration of late stage management, making convenience for maintenance in the late stage
• Consideration of the flexibility of use and extension by the client in the late stage in the M&E design of residence
• Timely understanding of the demands of the client and the hotel management company in the M&E design of the hotel, and reduction of late stage modifications and investment cost under the premise of meeting these demands
• Coordination with acoustic consultant in the design process to effectively control all the M&E noises through floating platform, soundproof cotton, spring supports and hangers and other measures, with obvious noise reduction effect reported in the feedback after use
• Equipment of one water source heat pump (WSHP) for the air conditioning system of the hotel based on the specificity of service in the hotel, and use of recovered heat for the heating of domestic hot water
• Design of a condensed water recovery system in the hotel to recover condensed water and use it for the water replenishment of the steam boiler, thus maximally saving energy
• Adoption of targeted water-saving measures to reduce the load of the urban water supply pipe network based on the characteristics and peak/valley hours of residential/commercial water consumption from multiple aspects, like water consumption calculation, pipe network laying, equipment model selection, machine room layout, etc.

Curtain wall design

Curtain wall design:
• Use of lattices constituted by glass, dark metal frames, white travertine, red pottery clay plates and so forth, creating rich facade layers

Landscape design

Landscape design:
• Rich outdoor square landscape, improving the popularity and atmosphere of the project
• A series of step-type gardens with waterscape, highlighting the importance of details
• Combination of top aerial gardens with lighting design, adding vitality to the city
Third prize for residence and residential quarters of National Excellent Engineering Survey and Design Industry Award 2011
Outstanding work prize of the 4th Excellent Architectural Creation Award issued by Guangzhou Architectural Registration Boards 2007
Comprehensive Grand Award of National Classic Residential Building Planning and Design Scheme Competition 2007
Second prize of the 7th National Excellent Architectural Structure Design Award
Second prize of the Award of China State Construction Engineering Corp. Ltd. for Excellent Conceptual Design (2005-2006)
Second prize for building engineering (public building) of the 14th Award of Excellent Engineering Survey and Design of Shenzhen 2010
Third prize of Excellent Equipment Design Award of the Architectural Society of China (ASC)
First prize for building engineering (residential building) of the 14th Award of Excellent Engineering Survey and Design of Shenzhen 2010
First prize of Excellent Survey and Design Award of Guangdong Province 2011
● Second prize (public building) of Excellent Survey and Design Award of Guangdong Province 2011
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