Shenzhen Hengchuang Water Bay 1979

Shenzhen Hengchuang Water Bay 1979 project, adopting a brand-new design idea, will create a new complex building integrating business, residential and shopping activities, thus activating the urban vitality of surrounding areas.

Project Location:

Shenzhen, Guangdong Province

Building Area:


Building Height:



Shenzhen Hengchuang Tongda Investment Development Co., Ltd.


The project adopts a brand-new design concept to create a commercial, entertainment and leisure environment for Shekou residents. During the design process, it has extended street, plaza and many other design elements, and introduces the friendly scale and atmosphere of the streets naturally into the central commercial plaza. Through the outdoor-style treatment of both building and landscape, the central commercial plaza is endowed with the effect of an outdoor commercial plaza, thus manifesting the unique leisure and commercial characteristics of Shekou.
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