18 Stations along Hefei-Fuzhou

Starting with Hefei (provincial capital of Anhui Province) and ending at Fuzhou (provincial capital of Fujian Province), it’s an important component of the railway network of our country in the new era.

Project Location:

Anhui Province, Jiangxi Province, Fujian Province

Site Area:

Hefei-Fuzhou Passenger Dedicated Line Fujian-Jiangxi Section: Wuyuan 6,000㎡, Dexing 3,500㎡, Shangrao 8,000㎡, Wufushan 2,000㎡, North Wuyishan 6,000㎡, East Wuyishan 30,000㎡,West Jian'ou 6,000㎡, North Nanping 10,000㎡, North Gutian 4,000㎡,North Minqing 4,000㎡; Hefei-Fuzhou Passenger Dedicated Line Anhui Section: Changlinhe 3,500㎡, East Chaohu 10,000㎡, West Hefei 6,000㎡, Jingxian 4,500㎡, Jingde 3,500㎡, Nanling 3,500㎡,North Tongling 10,000㎡, Wuwei 3,500㎡


Beijing-Fuzhou Passenger Dedicated Line (Anhui) Co., Ltd., Beijing-Fuzhou Fujian- Jiangxi Passenger Dedicated Line Co., Ltd.


Hefei-Fuzhou Passenger Dedicated Line originally named as Beijing-Taipei Passenger Dedicated Line, temporarily stops at Fuzhou due to many factors. If, as it is well put, Beijing-Shanghai Railway links up the most richly endowed regions in China, then Hefei-Fuzhou Passenger Dedicated Line no doubt connects the most beautiful scenic spots in China, including the graceful Chaohu Lake, the scholar-style Jixi County, the exceptional Huangshan Mountain, the tranquil Wuyuan County, the cool Sanqing Mountain, the pleasant Wuyi Mountain, etc. (If the list is too long, they can be reserved in the section of value highlights.)
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