Quanzhou Railway Station

The new station is one of the three major railway hubs in Fujian Province, and also an important link of the coastal Fuzhou-Xiamen HSR newly built by the state.

Project Location:

Quanzhou, Fujian Province

Site Area:



Southeast Coastal Railway Fujian Co., Ltd.



Product Category:

Rail transit and transportation building

Specialty Involved:

Building, structure, M&E, interior, technical economy, etc.

Project management

Project management:
• Active, efficient and all-dimensional design collaboration and coordination, ensuring project quality and realizing investment control goals
• Adoption of multiple thematic designs like curtain wall design, interior design, lighting design, acoustic design and so forth, and organic combination of the results of various thematic designs to create an integrated design pattern and control project construction effect and construction cost

Architectural design

Architectural design:
• Full survey of the characteristics of the base, and effective utilization of its natural landscape conditions to extend its possibilities and solve the deficiency of inadequate depth
• Appropriate exploration and inheritance of the local historical context of Quanzhou; reference to the ridges and cornices of traditional buildings in the selection of roof modeling, and perfect echoing between the slightly upwarped roof arc and the continuous curve of the Qingyuan Mountain in the north
• Reference to the local construction method of “building stone blocks into brick wall” by the architect in material selection; construction with mixed use of bricks and stones as a local characteristic, responding to the devotion of local people to red bricks and displaying a distinct regional image

M&E design

M&E design:
• Adoption of solar photovoltaic power generation technology to realize energy-saving goals
• Use of CFD technology for a simulation analysis of the station hall
• Development of large-space controllable natural ventilation design to reduce the service time of the air conditioning system throughout the year and reduce the operational cost
● Third prize of the 14th Excellent Engineering Survey and Design Award of Shenzhen
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