Jindu Linping Creative Industry Park

Building Area:

71412.9 ㎡ (Hangbao Jindu Wenchuang Building),33602 ㎡(Hangbao Jindu Linping Silk Mills Creative Park)

Building Height:



Zhejiang Hangbao Jindu Creative Industry Development Co., Ltd.


The project consists of silk mill creativity park and cultural creativity building. The architectural renovation of the silk mill creativity park is mainly conducted by three methods, i.e., retention, renovation and new construction, and they not only create a good commercial atmosphere and an ideal cultural exchange place, but also carry on the original context of the silk mill in the life of local residents. The cultural creativity building mainly consists of two towers and a locally-two-story annex, and, fully taking into account the influence of urban interfaces and buildings on surrounding urban morphology, it has rationally solved the problems related to transportation, flow line and plot limitations.
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