Sanquan Headquarters

Project Location:

Zhengzhou, Henan Province

Building Area:


Building Height:



Zhengzhou Sanquan Foods Co., Ltd.


The mode of land utilization in this project is very impressive: The tier-upon-tier of poplar forest wraps up the entire boundary, and the building is limited within a 117m-long and 14.5m-high three-story massing to prevent it from breaking the existing vegetation profile. In the long-strip building, multiple landscape modules are embedded into the office space, and standing there offers the viewer an opportunity to experience the alternation of inner and outer spaces and the integration of landscape and office spaces. Only adopting the two elements of grating and glass, the design uses purely vertical texture wrapping and slim grating-stacked glass to present its refined processing quality, rectified and elegant appearance and tranquil and extended temperament. Hidden behind the shadows of trees dancing in the breeze, it presents a style of its own.
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