Doha Tower

Located in the central new town of Doha, the capital of Qatar, the project is about 100m away from the coastline of the Arab Gulf. The exterior frame of the tower is constituted by nine pairs of reinforced concrete batter posts crossing with each other in spatial spiral network pattern, creating a miracle in the field of reinforced concrete design

Project Location:

Doha, Qatar

Building Area:


Building Height:



China State Construction Engineering Corp. Ltd.


Atelier Jean Nouvel



Product Category:

Public building and business office

Specialty Involved:

Building, structure and interior
The building on the whole is wrapped on the outside with butterfly patterns and aluminum shading louver, and is provided with shading units of different sizes and levels in all directions according to different shading demands, thus to create Arabian-style patterns and changing yet uniform facades. The project has been elected among the Best High-rises 2012 by CTBUH

Project management

Project management:
• CCDI undertakes the architectural and structural design work of the EPC project of CSCEC’s overseas subsidiary in Qatar, and dispatches designers to stay on site in Doha to closely cooperate with the client, the project management company, the resident architect of Ateliers Jean Nouvel, the local M&E design company, the designer and constructor of interior curtain wall, etc.
•According to the local conditions of Qatar, a diversified range of design standards (i.e., BS, ASTM and EN) need to be taken into account, and to be implemented based on the specific specialties involved. The building construction standard adopts QCS standard. Our professional and international project management and designers have made significant contributions to the success of the project.

Structural design

Structural design:
•FU Xueyi, the technical principal, has led to team to originate and build super high-rise building structures with cast-in-place reinforced concrete cross column exterior frame, winning the unanimous praise of Party A and the client. The project has won the second prize in the election of “2010 FIB Excellent Concrete Structures” held by FIB;
•The creep effect of the overall structural concrete of high-rise buildings is studied, and targeted technical measures are carried out to avoid the emergence of a new “Leaning Tower of Pisa”;
•The internal installation of steel bench in the core zone of cross column nodes for reinforcement is originated and has passed experimental verification, thus effectively ensuring the bearing capacity of nodes and the safety and reliability of structures;
•Nonlinear calculation is conducted on the whole-process construction simulation of prestress tensioning in complex super high-rise projects, which reveals the effectiveness of prestress;
•A complete nonlinear calculation is conducted on the whole-process simulation of construction, fully taking into account structural dead weight, temperature difference shrinkage, prestress, etc.;
•The study proposes and adopts a new method for the design of resistance to progressive collapse, retains the initial state and introduces collapse load;
•The study proposes to employ the linear buckling stability analysis of the overall structure to determine the calculation length of compressed members, thus ensuring their safety.

Curtain wall design

Curtain wall design:
•The exterior wall of the building gives a beautiful interpretation of local culture, and integrates a modern building with the ancient Islamic design elements, thus to not only project peculiar patterns inside the building but also effectively block the heat generated by sunshine.
•The high-rise office building in Doha adopts the cascaded 3D butterfly-pattern unit shading louver with complex form; the curtain wall system of the project adopts combined 3D comprehensive multi-angle shading adjustment, and, as a brand-new curtain wall system, it is both designed and constructed for the first time in the world.
•The curtain wall system consists of three layers from inside out, i.e., the aluminum alloy exposed frame glass unit as the inner layer, the metal slidewalk as the middle layer and the cascaded 3D butterfly-pattern unit shading louver as the outer layer.
•To alleviate the impact of strong sunshine in the Middle East, the shading louvers are designed with different organically-cascaded layers based on their orientations.

Interior design

Interior design:
•Synchronous interior design: Besides of the conventional civil construction contents, the drawings are combined with interior design to embody interior decoration finish, details, lighting, furniture layout, etc.; design and construction are completed in combination to avoid secondary design and renovation.
Excellent Concrete Structure Award presented by International FIB Congress
First prize of the 6thNational Excellent Architectural Structure Design Award
Best Paper Award of the Institution of Structural Engineers
Second prize of the Award of China State Construction Engineering Corp. Ltd. for Excellent Structural Engineering (2007-2008)
Special Award Nomination presented by International FIB Congress
Second prize of Award for Science and Technology Advancement of the MOC 2011
● Best High-rises 2012 by CTBUH: Burj Doha, located in the capital Doha of Qatar, being elected as the best high-rise building in Africa and the Middle East
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