Nanshan Cultural Center

Built on the basis of the Cultural Center of Nanshan District first constructed at the beginning of 1990s, it is adjacent to the residential living quarters, and has become a new urban landmark on the Nanshan Avenue.

Project Location:

Shenzhen, Guangdong Provinc e

Building Area:


Building Height:



Bureau of Housing and Urban-Rural Construction of Nanshan District, Shenzhen



Product Category:

Public building, and cultural and educational convention & exhibition

Specialty Involved:

Building, structure and interior
The design practice of Nanshan Culture and Sports Center is a new “people-oriented” attempt, and its concise, integrated and coherent architectural form fully embodies the pioneering and innovative spirit of Shenzhen and its intention to create a highly-open new-type urban living room, carry on the original street life and scale and provide a space for public activities.

Planning and design

Planning and design:
• Integration of three major functions, i.e., theater, gymnasium and natatorium, and jointly creating the core cultural and educational square of Nanshan District with Nanshan Library and Nanshan Art Museum
• Design of independent building massing and reservation of laneways connected to downtown, thus providing access to the core square for local residents
• “Emptying” of the interface between the building and urban branch roads for public access, providing a space where local residents can engage in various activities
• Use of the same cornice to cover the three venues, thus creating a large-scale public space that can not only provide proof against wind, rain and sunshine and extending the service period of the square

Architectural design

Architectural design:
• Creation of the first variable-capacity theater in domestic, and use of a lifting ceiling constituted by six modules to realize reverberation time switching within 1.3-1.9s
• Adoption of a three-module orchestra lifting platform that can lift the field sound console, professional children’s theater and other installations, thus providing the possibility of multi-functional service and better meeting the operational demands of the theater
• Use of natural lighting for the gymnasium and swimming pool, and configuration of indoor/outdoor double-standard swimming pool, making possible the transition between events and providing daily service functions for the public

Structural design

Structural design:
• Creative connection of the theater, gymnasium and natatorium of different structural systems, and solving of the problem of the seismic response of the three connected halls with different lateral stiffness
• General assembly and construction simulation analysis of concrete and steel structures, providing solutions to structural difficulties like the stiffness degradation of concrete, the temperature effect of super-long structures, etc.
• Unified consideration of structural and outer envelope systems, achieving the perfect unification of safety, economical performance and aesthetic appearance

M&E design

M&E design:
• Adoption of the design concepts of “energy saving, green development and environmental protection”
• Adoption of the total heat recovery unit for the refrigeration host, which not only meets the load demand of the air conditioning system but also significantly saves hot water cost for the users and effectively realizes energy recycling through recovering the waste heat of refrigeration to heat domestic hot water
• Use of the double-fan runner heat recovery unit, which not only realizes the recovery of waste heat, but also achieves all-fresh air operation in transition seasons and saves the operational cost
• Air distribution design of stratified air conditioning and “upper supply and bottom return”, which both reduces energy consumption and provides a comfortable theater environment
• Application of solar energy, condensing heat recovery and reclaimed water reuse system, embodying the concepts of green development and environmental protection
• Adoption of diatomaceous earth filtration+full-flow half-path ozone disinfection for the water treatment of the swimming pools, which both saves primary investment in the link of pool water disinfection and ensures the satisfaction of water quality requirement
• Use of LED lamps and lanterns or LED light sources for both general lighting and decorative lighting, thus improving energy-saving performance in terms of energy consumption output
• Lighting control by the intelligent control system, thus improving energy-saving performance in the service process
• Adoption of fire control power monitoring system, intelligent lighting control system, microcomputer comprehensive protection and power transformation and distribution monitoring system to provide whole-process electrical protection and meet different service demands

Curtain wall design

Curtain wall design:
• Covering of building surface with novel X-type perforated aluminum panel molding to integrate the three halls and create a unique beauty via light and shadows
• Use of macro-plate super-white XIR glass for the facade, characterized by high brightness and transparency, high shading performance and a self-destruction rate of one ten thousandth, thus reducing the supporting structure system and creating a bright and concise space
• Use of lightweight aluminum-magnesium-manganese metal roof, integration of waterproof, thermal insulation and sound absorption performance in design, both saving the dead weight of large-span structures and saving the engineering cost

Landscape design

Landscape design:
• Dotted greening along sidewalks and around the square, defining the boundary of the square but not weakening the interactions between pedestrian flows and the square
• Embedding of perforated permeable blank tubing under the stone pavement on the square, so that rainwater can quickly permeate underground, supplement underground water sources, reduce ponding and alleviate the heat island effect
• Use of crown cornices for buildings on the square, which can not only provide protection against sunshine and rainwater, but also smear out the boundary between the buildings and the square, create a continuous gray space and extend the service period of the square
Prize for excellent construction drawing of Shenzhen Housing Construction Project Award 2012 (water supply and drainage)
Prize for excellent construction drawing of Shenzhen Housing Construction Project Award 2012 (heating and ventilation)
● Silver prize for excellent construction drawing of Shenzhen Housing Construction Project Award 2012
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