Hanyu Financial & Business Centre of Ji’nan City

Hanyu Financial & Business Centre of Ji’nan City is the core of Ji’nan’s Eastern Financial New Area under planning and construction, and undertakes many major functions of Ji’nan as a regional financial centre, including finance & business, headquarters office, commercial service, scientific research office, etc.

Project Location:

Jinan, Shandong Province

Building Area:


Building Height:



Jinan Hi-tech Holding Group


Hanyu Financial & Business Centre of Ji’nan City is a ground-breaking regional financial centre launched by Ji’nan Municipal Party Committee, Ji’nan Municipal People’s Government and the provincial financial regulatory administration, and also one of the high-tech zone’s important supports in realizing the goals of “building the primary economy in Ji’nan and building a first-class high-tech zone in China”. The project consists of six plots and 29 high-rise office buildings, and in the centre there is a 330-high regional landmark super high-rise building. Completing such a huge and complicated project within so tight a schedule requires the cooperation throughout the company and among various regions, and is both a challenge to and an honour for the design team.
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