• Residential


    Demands for better life experience constitute the driving force for constant innovation in residential design.

  • Urban Complex

    Urban Complex

    Urban Complex is a type of commercial real estate that is purely commercial or features major commercial functions in combination with another type of function.

  • Office


    Corporate, is intended for commercial real estate with investment value as the target, including office buildings for rental or self-use, such as finance institutions and insurance companies. Based on years of successfully designing office buildings, we provide clients with solutions of high quality/efficiency/profits and precise professional services to become an important partner that helps clients enhance brand perception and facilitate long-term development.

  • Tech Park

    Tech Park

    Tech Park targets industries, industrial park developers and operators by providing specialized service throughout industrial parks development, such as consultation, planning, and design.

  • Transportation


    CCDI Transportation Team researches key components including rail transportation planning, design, construction, operation and management.

  • Sports


    Sports for all. In designing Sports, we ensure our venues are accessible to the public. All citizens should be able to enjoy sports.

  • Hospitality


    We are dedicated to providing consultation, planning, design and design package management services for the hotel industry.

  • Integrated Resorts

    Integrated Resorts

    Based on the concept of “platform services”, CCDI Integrated Resorts underscores the importance of understanding and identifying essential client needs and optimizing and integrating major resources of the service chain of “leisure tourism” to build an international development and service system that is in alignment with the particular situation of China from a professional perspective.

  • Health Care

    Health Care

    CCDI HealthCare serves all industries in the healthcare sector, including healthcare, senior living and pharmaceutical. We provide engineering design and consultation with a global perspective and region-specific practices utilizing CCDI’s multi-disciplinary resources and capabilities.

  • Culture


    Culture includes culture-based buildings such as research, culture and arts, education, and exhibition venues such as conventions, exhibitions, and large events. We have an excellent team of architects with rich experience in projects and good acumen in operation and have provided government agencies in charge of planning, education and urban development as well as developers and private owners with good customer experience.

  • BIM Consulting

    BIM Consulting

    CCDI-BIM (Building Information Modeling) Consulting provides property developers with digital construction and operation consultation services throughout a project’s life cycle.

  • R.O.C.H.


    Dedicated to providing integrated services for urban public facilities, ROCH incorporates multiple professional services for all types of urban public facilities. After 20 years of development ROCH has accumulated competitive resources and developed a strong brand. Our business is robust and steadily increasing.

  • Government


    Government Facility includes office buildings, ports, terminals, airports and other government-related public facilities.

  • Hotel MEP

    Hotel MEP

    CCDI Hotel MEP Consultancy has an MEP team of 600 professionals. We help hotel owners and developers to improve performance, reliability, safety, efficiency and maintenance of MEP systems.

  • Station


    Station refers to buildings along rail lines, such as railway stations, inter-city railway stations, light rail stations, metro stations, and transportation facilities such as passenger terminals, ferry terminals and airport terminals. Transportation buildings can be landmarks of urban culture.

  • Transit Hub

    Transit Hub

    Scope of Business: Comprehensive transit hub design for railway stations and integrated urban metro systems and integrated development around stations.

  • TID Consulting

    TID Consulting

    We focus on process and create win-wins for local governments, developers and local citizens alike. The goal is to provide integrated solutions for transit-oriented urban development.

  • Energy Center

    Energy Center

    Energy Center provides energy efficient system design for buildings’ central cooling, central heating or combined cooling, heating and power.

  • Metro Complex

    Metro Complex

    Metro Complex refer to complexes with access to urban rail stations, parking, and local metro systems. Its main purpose is to improve transport functions and facilitate development through TID (transport integrated development). We integrate architectural design with project investment/ operation to provide full life-cycle, cross-disciplinary services.