Baidu Headquarters

Consisting of east and west towers, it is the headquarter and R&D center of Baidu in Southwest China.

Project Location:

Shenzhen, Guangdong Province

Building Area:


Building Height:



Baidu International Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.



Product Category:

Public building and business office

Specialty Involved:

Building, structure, M&E, general drawing and BIM
Located in Nanshan High-tech Zone of Shenzhen, it is designed on the basis of Baidu’s core value of “simple and reliable”. Starting with its differentiated office demands, the traditional central large-depth office plan is transformed into segmented small-depth office plans, thus to achieve optimal ventilation, lighting and landscape effects; what’s more, the unique “dynamic core” space has been created to realize the demand for “connection” of the headquarter office space of Baidu.

Planning and design

Planning and design:
• Correspondence between east and west towers in a concise modern form, embodying Baidu’s core value of “simple and reliable”

Design concept

Design concept:
• Innovative pattern of super high-rise office, meeting efficiency requirement and creating an experiential space
• Emphasis of “connection” in various dimensions, closely joining various departments and linking up the life and work of employees
• Motivation of employees’ creativity to improve the enterprise’s vitality and create an office space with a sense of identification and a sense of belonging for employees.

Architectural design

Architectural design:
• Creation of “dynamic core” to connect the entire building and achieve balance in efficiency and experience
• Design of an indoor vertical pedestrian traffic system, both meeting office traffic demand and creating a communication space
• Integration of exercise and dining functions to build an aerial platform, thus to create a ground-like space that can stimulate sensory experience.

Structural design

Structural design:
• Facing the structural challenge of segmentation and large platform opening, and achieving seamless connection with the building via the BIM platform
• Rational proportioning between concrete and steel structure to effectively reduce the structural cost.

Curtain wall design

Curtain wall design:
• Taking the denomination of Baidu as an inspiration, transforming ancient poetry into binary code facade, and achieving a high degree of integration with enterprise culture
• Adoption of square elements simple in form and rich in changes, fully embodying the enterprise culture of “simple and reliable”
• Use of the parametric design tool to assist facade design, thus creating constantly changing effects with limited units.
First prize/in-depth application prize (BIM) of the 15th Excellent Engineering Survey and Design Award of Shenzhen
● Second prize (BIM) of Excellent Engineering Survey and Design Award of Guangdong Province 2013
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