Shenglong Worldwide Tower

The project is located in Plot B7 of Mingjiang River North Port Landscape Corridor in the overall planning of Fuzhou, and its design emphasizes the maximum degree of building visibility and permeability to echo with the urban texture, and to create a balanced and steady landmark building for Fuzhou.

Project Location:

Fuzhou, Fujian Province

Building Area:


Building Height:



Fujian Shenglong Property Development Co., Ltd.




Located in the CBD of north Minjiang area in Fuzhou, the project is oriented as an integrated high-end office property. The 280m-high single-tower super high-rise office building is erected in the southwest of the site, and locally connected with the three-story annex building via 6.5m-wide architectural corridors, so as to organically integrate the main and annex buildings. The tower adopts a concise modeling, and its appearance design focuses on expressing the concave-convex changes of four corners and creating a delicate combination/division effect. Naturally standing tall and erect in our field of vision, it no doubt becomes a landmark building in this area.
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