Integrated Underground Space Development Consultation of Yihezhuang Station of Beijing Metro Daxing Line

It’s a typical project that employs underground metro space for integrated TOD development.

Project Location:


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Beijing Xingchuang Investment Company Limited


The project is a typical project of TOD-based integrated development on the basis of underground metro space, and aims to fully explore the opportunity created by metro construction for the purposes of producing an underground public space connected with the metro hub and improving surrounding space quality and overall land value.
The large-area underground urban plaza will introduce sunshine inside to create a comfortable green and energy-saving environment; the diversified landscape elements of the underground street will develop a comfortable and dynamic leisure place; the large-scale intelligent garages can automatically adjust the vehicles parked in different garages, provide convenient supporting parking services for surrounding administration, business & office people and realize the integrated docking between metro and surrounding functions. The underground pedestrian network extends in all directions, and solves the problem of mutual interferences caused by the mixture of pedestrians and vehicles.
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