Integrated Development Consultation of Wenzhou South Railway Station Area of Wenzhou S1 Line

This area is oriented as an integrated development area based on rail transit and Wenzhou South Railway Station.

Project Location:

Wenzhou,Zhejiang Province

Site Area:



Wenzhou Mass Transit Railway Investment Group Co., Ltd.


The project will realize the following vision:
Erect the new portal of Wenzhou South Railway Station which embodies the graceful bearing of the era. Forming a differentiated functional layout with the existing east square of Wenzhou South Railway Station, it will become an important image node in the westward extension of Wenzhou.
It aims to build a modern comprehensive transportation hub area integrating multiple means of transportation, and to create a comprehensive transportation distribution centre integrating inter-city railway, rail transit, ground bus, walking system and many other means of transportation.
As a multi-functional comprehensive development area, it is also planned to be built into a new composite development zone integrating multiple urban functions, like business & office, comprehensive commerce, tourism service, living & leisure, etc.
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