Dongguan M&I Hospital

The planned new hospital occupies a total area of about 54,800m2, and consists of outpatient/emergency, medical technology, inpatient, health care and auxiliary supporting facilities, as well as living quarters, underground parking garage, etc.

Project Location:

Dongguan, Guangdong Province

Building Area:


Bed Amount:




Product Category:

Medical treatment and health care

Specialty Involved:

Building, structure, M&E, budget estimate, landscape, interior and general drawing

Planning and design

Planning and design:
• Adoption of “王”-shaped layout, compact functions and good ventilation to adapt to the complex functional relations of the hospital and the climatic characteristics of the South
•Design of a broad, light and spacious north-south hospital street to organically combine various functions in the internal space; following of the “resource sharing” principle to organically integrate various functional divisions in a mutually-dependent and compactly-connected manner; creation of the “garden-style and humanized atmosphere of a modern hospital”

Design concept

Design concept:
•Adoption of curves as the theme to symbolize the beautiful curves of women’s bodies via the smooth transitional streamlined contour and plane form
•Seeking of a harmony between emotions and high technologies, so that people living in these buildings can always feel the warmness of human relationships and the cold medical treatment process can be filled with humanistic concerns
•Introduction of ecological architectural concepts to pull apart the horizontal building massing distance, set spacious and unique semi-open courtyard spaces and permeate into the central large courtyard in the west for perfect integration

Architectural design

Architectural design:
•Introduction of natural light, ventilation and environment, rich colors and flexible and warm natural materials to promote human health and stimulate the “self-healing power” of human beings
•Embodiment of the building characteristics of women and children’s hospitals, i.e., delightful, warm, vital and interesting; design of a dynamic building form and a smooth and lively molding with a modern sense to break up the cold and rigid image of traditional hospitals
•Provision of homelike delivery rooms for breast feeding, rooming-in, individualized catering and so forth, so as to ease the intense feelings of delivery women and let them feel the warmness of families
•Addition of vertical and narrow curtain wall lines to create a contrast, achieve a balanced harmony and construct a concise and unique architectural style, so that the building as a whole is concise, fresh, elegant, delightful, warm, vital, interesting and dynamic

Landscape design

Landscape design:
•Introduction of ecological architectural concepts to pull apart the horizontal building massing distance and obtain adequate sunshine
•Design of green spaces in the hospital to ease the intense feelings of patients and let them feel the warmness of the hospital
•Permeating of ecological and green concepts into all the details of the hospital in different orientations of the entire building
•Combination of characteristic pavement with flowers and plants in the entrance square, and addition of a spray fountain to create a concise and warm square landscape
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