Qingdao International Cruise Homeport

The project is located on wharf #6 at the south end of Dagang Area in Qingdao, and, as the priority among priorities of the initiating projects of Qingdao International Cruise Town, it will become the marine tourism portal of the cruise town or even Qingdao as a whole.

Project Location:

Qingdao, Shandong Province

Building Area:


Building Height:



Port of Qingdao Group


The Passenger Transportation Centre of Qingdao International Cruise Homeport is designed not only an international transportation architecture, but also as a highly dynamic complex building which can contribute to the improvement of urban functions, so as to conform to the developmental trend of modern transportation hubs. Our design goal is to create a commercial supporting facility integrating tourism, leisure and entertainment, and to implant the cultural exhibition spaces of the sea, the cruises and the history of Qingdao Port, including cruise experience centre, history exhibition corridor, temporary exhibition platform and so forth. An open coastal park is built for residents to freely enjoy the leisure coastal life, and the interconnected roof viewing platform and indoor/outdoor commercial platform create a richer public space.
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