Transit-Oriented Development

TOD Has Arrived
In 2020, China is expected to build 6,000 kilometers of railway with an investment of four thousand billion yuan. So far 38 cities have metro planned and more than 70 subway lines are under construction.
Issues and Challenges
With ambitious urban rail and metro lines planned the government is facing enormous financial burden.
Currently rail projects are not well integrated with urban developments. Only 9% of commercial complexes are served directly by rail. Only 23% of rail lines have planned developments. Non-ticket income accounts for less than 10% of total rail revenue. Rail is not yet playing the driving role it could be in shaping urban development.
TOD Integrates Rail with Urban Development
With exposure to successful overseas projects the concept of driving urban developments with transport is widely recognized in China. TOD is now a buzzword and will play a prominent role in China’s urban development.