Transit-Oriented Development

TOD Building a New Town for Xiamen
With rapid recent developments growing population, urban sprawl and traffic congestions have become serious issues for Xiamen.
TOD developments with compact land use offers a way to alleviate Xiamen’s problems. CCDI worked with Xiamen Urban Planning & Design Institute to provide TOD consultation for areas along subway to build a new town. By systematic analysis and investigation of the population, industries, land use, transport facilities, and infrastructure, CCDI provided a plan guiding the development.
Build the Rail Transport Development Foundation for Xiamen
Line #1 supports Xiamen’s development in the southern and northern areas. 30.3 kilometers long, Line #1 connects Xiamen city center with Jimei New Town and helps to optimize industrial structure. It lays a solid foundation for Xiamen's vision of “one island, one belt and multiple centers”.
It helps to connect stations along the line and increase the passenger flow volume.
The line covers 70% of the starting or terminal stations or stops of public transport and increases the scope of rail transport services by three to four times. Fives P+R car parks are planned outside the island, which are connected with Line 1 to effectively accommodate part of the sea-crossing traffic and alleviate the pressure on sea-crossing transport.
Increase land development value and effectively alleviate the pressure on capital funds
Rationale for the Establishment of the Rail Transport Planning and Management System in Xiamen